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Name: Hyperscape
Platform: iOS exclusive (iPhone & iPad)
Release Date: May 1st, 2018
Price: Free
Developer: Neave Interactive
Twitter: @neave
App Store:


Neave Interactive is proud to announce HYPERSCAPE — a star-charged game of speed.

This hyper-fast, adrenaline-fuelled, retro-futuristic arcade game for iPhone and iPad is the ultimate test of your reactions. Race through seven cosmic landscapes while dodging deadly spikes and bombs approaching at breakneck speed. Each zone is an infinitely-generated vertical landscape, unique to each time you play, powered by its own thumping synthwave music track.

The super simple one-tap, one-handed gameplay makes this game perfect for feeding your arcade addiction on the move. Hit the hyperspeed boosts and head up into oblivion. Shields provide little respite as you aim to reach new heights in these extreme universes. The only barrier to your progress is your own raw talent.

Key Features


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Hyperscape is a satisfyingly fun game to play. It takes a pure and simple interaction — tap to jump — and stress-tests the player’s reactions skills to their limits, demanding fast but precise hand-eye coordination.

The game’s graphic design is inspired by space: the stars, the endless undiscovered planets and their hostile landscapes, creating wild, colorful and imaginative universes to escape to.

Each of the seven zones — Cosmos, Flare, Storm, Abyss, Tundra, Limbo and Chroma — are designed to test every skill level. New players get a rush as the game builds up speed, but for more experienced players it’s a serious challenge to master the pace.

Each zone features its own distinct synthwave music track with thumping, driving beats, sparkling with a retro-futuristic vibe, and all written and created by the developer.

About the developer

Paul Neave

Hyperscape was created entirely by Paul Neave, a British app developer and designer from London, UK.

Paul works independently at his studio Neave Interactive where he has designed a huge variety of boundary-pushing apps, games, websites and art projects. At the heart of all of Paul’s work is a desire make software that is intuitive, playful and emotive. His work injects a dose of imagination into technology, warping, glitching and reframing how we interact with the digital world.

Some of Paul’s other work includes:


Flare zone
Storm zone
Abyss zone
Cosmos zone
Tundra zone
Limbo zone
Chroma zone


Tap fast!
Dodge spikes & bombs
Collect diamonds
7 deadly zones
Surreal landscapes
Stress-test reactions
50 different characters
Race to the stars


HD feature art


iOS style

Developer Logo



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